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SR Series Rotary Drilling Rig :SR220C
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SR Series Rotary Drilling Rig :SR220C
Contact Name: Chun Hui (Customer Manager)
Tel: 0086-10-60765906; 13381136726
Address: Sany Industrial Park, Cao Village, Nankou Town, Changping District, Beijing
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●  5-level anti-vibration technology absorbs drilling vibrational frequency all- directionally to guarantee high stability;
●  The special lubricating system makes sure that it can work in hightemperature environment. Rotary drive is available in three drilling
modes---standard, low speed and big torque or high speed and small torque; spin-off is optional;
●  The removable key of rotary drive and symmetry structure design double its service life;
●  The main winch has highlights of touch-bottom protection, priority control and fast line speed;
●  Crowd cylinder has two operation modes---normal lifting and fast lifting to improve push efficiency;
●  Mast features automatic erecting, lying and vertical adjustment to ensure the accuracy requirements in construction;
●  Balance control system of the whole machine is available.

Main performancesUnitParameters
Overall heightmm21,107
Operating weightt74
Max. pile diametermm2,300
Max. pile depth(friction Kelly/inter-locking Kelly)m64/47
Rotary Drive
Max. output torquekN.m220
Speed of rotationrpm7~26
Crowd system
Crowd forcekN180
Line pullkN200
Main winch 
Line pull(1st layer)kN240
Rope diametermm28
Max. line speedm/min53
Auxiliary winch
Line pull(1st layer)kN110
Rope diametermm20
Max. line speedm/min70
Mast inclination
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